A Mighty Heart

Directing ‘A Mighty Heart’ Michael Winterbottom continues with his politically relevant cinema. The journey for the director has been one of determination to create the kinds of projects that would have meaning and relevance. Teaming up with Eaton and Jude Law has meant that the director can ensure film projects remain a reality. Producer Andrew Eaton recently said in an interview “how many directors do you know sitting around waiting for a project to happen because they’re waiting for one actor? Once you’ve had enough disappointments, you do start to realise that you could waste your life.”

This is a very well know feeling for majority of film makers in the UK, but instead of waiting for actors, they are waiting for finance or funding or simply someone in the industry to take a risk and properly help with a production so we don’t end up making a substandard low budget movie that no one will watch.

Michael Winterbottom and Andrew Eaton are an exception to the rule of film making in the UK. They have defied box office and have created cinematic work to rival any major studio production internationally. Their ‘A Mighty Heart’ produced by Brad Pitts company is a testament to their dedication and singular approach to create meaningful cinema.

‘A Mighty Heart’ stars Angelina Jolie and tells the story of Daniel Pearl, the doomed journalist who was beheaded in Pakistan whilst researching a story in Karachi. The film also stars the talented British actress Archie Panjabi and the Indian actor Irrfan Khan.

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