“I can see far because I stand on the shoulders of giants”
Isaac Newton

It has been an ambition of mine for many years to record and create a list of all British Asian and Black Filmmakers who have managed to get a film made in the UK. Many I know personally and in the time that I have been trying to make films, I have been inspired by filmmakers such as Melenick Shabaz, whose Burning an Illusion ignited a powerful urge in me to be creatively motivated.

I want to pay homage to brilliant filmmakers and Producers like Melenick Shabaz, Ahmed Jamal, Jamil Dhelavi, Deanne Edwards, and Horace Ove who made so much possible. 

For many of us, creating in roads or following a path laid down was like a dream come true. Just to be able to be creative, represent your own image, your own stories away from notions of race, pathology, embracing our humanity, meant everything.

Films makers such as John Akomfrah, Gurinder Chadha, Isaac Julian, Sonali Fernandos, Nadine Marsh-Edwards, Alia Sayed, Shafiq Vilani, Alnoor Dewshi, Tariq Ali, Monika Baker, Faroukh Dhondhy, Munawar Nizam, Mahmood Jamal, Maya Chowdhary, Baron Von Nasti, Inge Blackman, Perveiz Khan, Parminder Vir, Ruhul Amin, Udayan Prasad, Ngozi Onwurah, Pratibha Parmar, Suman Bhuchar and so on helped create that hub, that language and confidence in our creative expression.

Please feel free to make suggestions to me via email and add to the list. The list will be available from 3rd April 2007. Please note that the criteria for inclusion to list of  filmmakers or producers requires their film to have been screened at film festivals, cable or broadcast television or had a theatrical release.

3 Responses to “Filmmakers”

  1. Lina Gopaul Says:

    Founder member and Producer Black Audio Film Collective and Smoking Dogs Films

  2. David Lawson Says:

    Prodcer and member of Black Audio Film collective annd Producer Smoking Dogs Films.

    Check website for Lina and my credits.

    Hope that you are well.

  3. kamayani Says:

    Hey I need to know where can I get to see Garam Hawa or buy a copy of it in desperate need, please help

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