A History of India

First published in 1966, Romila Thapar’s A History of India 1 stands as a marker for all academics and historians looking to explore Indian History and evolution.

Deeply insightful, just and a thoroughly scientific work, A History of India is easily penetrable like all good writing should be, informative and incisive.

Published by Pelican, the “first volume in this history traces the evolution of India before contact with modern Europe was established in the sixteenth century. Professor Thapar’s account of the development of India’s social and economic structure is arranged within a framework of the principal political and dynastic events. Her narrative covers some 2,500 years of India’s history, from the establishment of Aryan culture in about 1000 B.C. to the coming of the Mughuls in A.D. 1526 and the first appearance of European trading companies. In particular she deals interestingly with many manifestations of Indian culture, as seen in religion, art, and literature, in ideas and institutions”.

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