Aag – Raj Kapoor

Re-visiting Aag, Raj Kapoor‘s first film, you realise the talent that manifested in the great film director.

Made in 1948 and shot in black and white, Aag is Raj Kapoor directorial debut. Starring Nargis, Premanth, Nigar Sultana and Kamini Kaushal, the film was a huge success at the box office.

As was the case with Hindi cinema of the era, the story lines were dense and complex with exquisite lyrics and music.

Raj Kapoor plays Kewal who is obsessed with setting up a theatre company despite protests from his father. His childhood sweetheart leaves for another town and this propels him to defy his father and set up the company.

Destitute after the partition, a young beauty joins the theatre company, played by Nargis and soon Kewal falls in love with her. The patron of his theatre company played by the dashing Premnath also falls in love with Nargis.

Broken hearted Kewal sets fire to the theatre which causes his face to be disfigured.

Strikingly lit with dramatic songs, Aag remains an all time great.

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