Mehdi Hasan

When Lata Mangeshkar described Mehdi Hasan as perhaps one of the greatest singers, she was making a much needed recognition of an extraordinary talent. She further commented that she had much to learn from him, particularly his ability to take you to the place of the lyrics imparting from his lips.

Mehdi Hasan was born in India into a family which hailed from a great tradition north Indian classical music. Forced to move to Pakistan after the partition of India, Mehdi Hasan perhaps lost out on the global recognition for his extraordinary talent had he stayed in India.

Despite the limited audiences initially, he soon made the ghazal popular and inspired many to sing in a semi classical style and he had a major impact in the Urdu/Hindi speaking world with making ghazals popular in film per se.

Singing the works of Ahmed Faraz and Faiz Ahmed Faiz in Pakistani films, Mehdi Hasan reached international fame.

Perhaps it was the fate of artists of that era who were given begrudging recognition in Pakistan. Unable to embrace its artists due to Pakistan’s Islamic heritage, shunning many and letting traditions such as Mehdi Hasan’s slip away will no doubt leave a deep crevasse in creative expression.


3 Responses to “Mehdi Hasan”

  1. Raj Bohra Says:

    Ustad Mehdi Hasan Khan Sahab is just mind blowing ghazal singer, I just can not express is singing in words or i can say i am too small to comment on him. his voice ,singing, personality, and singing style is just like god. his work on ghazal will be on greatest hight till this world ends. i just pray for his health and i request all his fan to pray for his health. with high regards to him and to all his fans…. Raj Bohra ( gazal singer)

  2. raj bohra Says:

    I am greatful to god that I learnt many many things of ghazal singing from my Ustad Mehdi Hassan Khan Sahab.
    I pray very hard on behalf of his fans for his good health.
    It is difficult to discribe in words about his singing also I am too small to comment about Shahansha-e-ghazal…..
    Raj Bohra (ghazal Singer)

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