The Distributors Directory for Independent Filmmakers

The Distributors Directory for Independent Filmmakers created by Vinson Pike was out of necessity. Like so many independent filmmakers, Vinson found it near impossible to have at his fingertips a complete list of distributors after completing his feature.

This propelled him to put together a complete list of distributors, a mammoth task for anyone and make it available for fellow filmmakers. His main areas of concern that he explores in the directory are:

  • How to conduct effective market research before making your film

  • How to start marketing your film to distributors during the production process

  • How to make a profitable film by actually doubling your budget

  • What you can do to build an effective film festival strategy

  • How and when to hire a producer’s rep or foreign sales agent

  • Options for self-distributing your film or going straight-to-dvd

These he successfully addressed and incorporated eloquently in his directory. Citing more than 300 film distributors, the directory makes it possible for the frustrated filmmaker/producer clarity of approach. Vinson has also incorporates television as well as direct-to-dvd list of distributors through out the world. 

Other great aspects that the directory covers are:

  • Company listings including email information for theatrical distributors

  • Network contact

  • TV syndication companies

  • Home video and direct-to-dvd distributors

  • International buyers of British & US-made films

  • Publicity companies and marketing departments

  • Worldwide distributors around the globe include UK, USA, Australia, Canada and Europe.

I’m not one to go for such complications, as in the past I had relied upon established institutions and film organisations, but in my experience, these sorts of bodies are very reluctant to give you a fully comprehensive list. Vinson’s directory is the next best thing to having a reference close at hand – its helps with understanding the language of when you have to talk to film financers by the sheer fact of you having the wide knowledge of the kinds of distribution that is available worldwide. Finally, Vinson has priced the package pretty reasonably, keeping the low-budget filmmaker in mind. His new revised version for 2007 is fully comprehensive and in my view worth every penny.

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2 Responses to “The Distributors Directory for Independent Filmmakers”

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  2. ifoghale Says:

    I read about this site through myspace classified.I am a film-maker from Nigeria.Our film industry ably dubbed Nollywood is rated as the fastest growing film industry in the world.
    I like to know more about this organisation,in order for to be able to network and distribute our movies in the US due to the demand and request of African-Americans interested in our movies
    I look forward to your reply.

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