The Winter of Love

COMING SOON – The Winter of Love DVD! I have been waiting for a long time to write those words! I am delighted to let you know that The Art Ministry will be distributing my DVD which is being released as a signed Special Edition for all you early buyers where you will have an opportunity to purchase a copy in advance.  

The release of my first feature film that I wrote and directed entitled ‘The Winter of Love’ on DVD (formally A Quiet Desperation) has been waiting in the wings since 2001. An all British cast and crew, the film was shot entirely on location in Southall, London. It is a story which is very specific to a corner of the world that is seldom seen by the general public and yet its themes are universal. I can’t remember which established British actor said that “anyone who manages to make a film in the UK and gets some sort of release deserves an Oscar” – I am waiting for mine!

Releasing the DVD independently for an audience to see ‘The Winter of Love’ and being a part of the creative hub at a time when the film sector appears to be thriving, brings an element of excitement that I have not experienced for a very long time. Eagerly awaited by the cast and crew, in particular Julian MacDonald the Sound Designer, my director of photography Koutaiba Al-Janabi and the very talented composer Kuljit Bhamra who composed the entire soundtrack and recorded it within 3 months, will be as euphoric as me. My producer Manjeet Singh, who is still recovering from a devastating car accident, can see the fruits of her hard labour. My associate producer Anita McKay has played a key role in bringing the film to this stage and is instrumental for plans for national and international distribution of the DVD.

As part of the pre-sales launch, I will have a week of celebrating the release of the DVD!!! I’ll bring you exclusive inside stories, extracts of the script, contributions from crew and cast and much more. As part of marking the release, I’m creating a home for The Winter of Love right here on my blog, where you can access the gallery, trailers, press, details on the cast & crew, adding to this unique story of a thoroughly independent British feature.

For details on how to order your copy of The Winter of Love DVD, please contact us using the form here.


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