It Takes a Lot of Money to Look This Cheap

It’s interesting what one can get used to; Joan Rivers, Carol Voderman, Ashwariya Rai, Dolly Parton all had extensive surgery, with the exception Ashwariya Rai, who has had minor surgery to beautify herself. When asked in an interview about her looks, Dolly Parton commented that “It takes a lot of money to look this cheap”.

As the ageing process catches up with the surgery – the realisation of what has been constructed is truly horrific. In Terry Gilliam’s film “Brazil”, Sam Lowry’s mother goes through a series of surgeries and ultimately becomes what was his love interest.

Not that the new Boots No7 Protect & Perfect Beauty Serum will do that for all older women with sons but the preoccupation with youth in the West continues to spiral out of control. Many High Street stores are using what appear to be children – girls and boys – some who look as young as 14, made to look grown up. Highly disturbing, these images feed the skewed perception of ageing. All we need now is for pregnant women to rent out their foetuses for purposes of being dressed for advertising for the likes of Benetton and Gap achieving that ultimate look of youth and perhaps get signed up with deals of loyalty unto death.

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