Friends of the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies

I recently received some publicity material for the OCHS and looking at their literature and the goals they have set themselves, the programme promises to be an interesting point of reference and archive for anyone pursing or interested in the history of Hinduism. Oral projects, the Digital Shikshapatri Project and the digitisation of Indian Libraries (which for me is perhaps the most exciting) are just a few of the projects that the centre has undertaken.
The OCHS or the Friends of the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies have created a remarkable programme supported by Oxford University. Lord Dholakia writing in one of the publicity leaflets states that “bringing together respected scholars from all over the globe, the Centre is establishing a balanced view of the Hindu heritage and what it means to be a Hindu today. Hindus and non-Hindus are learning together and thus building bridges between cultures, philosophies and worldviews”

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